DIRECTV H25 HD Receiver - SWiM Network

Manufacturer: C-Wave
Manufacturer Part Number: H25
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Price: $199.99
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DIRECTV H25 HD Receiver

DirecTV sells us receivers at their own discretion whether it is a new or refurbished model. We have no control over this. Please assume you a regetting a refurbished model, though many times the receivers are new.

The H25 is a smaller HD Receiver designed to work on SWiM networks only.

The H25 is a 12vDC receiver that comes with a AC Adapter but it gives you the option of using 12vDC to power.

The reduced size allows more flexibility when choosing the location of the unit in a customer's home, boat or business.

The H25 Receiver is compatible with high-definition TVs with HDMI and capable of 1080p and 3D, including models from these manufacturers: Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Vizio & Westinghouse.

Additionally, the H25 Receiver has an AMC satellite tuner capable of receiving both DIRECTV legacy and A3 transmissions.

New Features and Accessories Include:

  • Push button front panel
  • Single composite A/V (RCA Type) out
  • Combo component/composite out mini-DIN-10 (optional)
  • External power supply (The H25 uses a DIRECTV EPS10 series external power supply)
  • SWiM only SAT-IN Tuner
  • Optional wall/TV mounting bracket

Additional Features:

  • DIRECTV requires a 24 month (lease) commitment on all activated receivers
  • SWM System Required
  • Integrated Deca technology
  • Parental controls/locks: Enjoy peace of mind over what your children are watching by locking out objectionable programming
  • DECA Compatible
  • Multi-Room Viewing Compatible
  • MRV Compatible
  • 3D Ready Receiver
  • Faster guide surfing, and channel changing
  • See whos calling with on-screen Caller ID. View and log Caller ID info provided by your local phone company
  • DIRECTV H25 Reciever Dimensions: Width 8.66" Height 1.12" Depth 5.75" Weight 1.19 lbs.

In The Box

  • AC Adapter
  • DIRECTV User Guide
  • Access Card
  • 6-Foot HDMI Cable
  • RC65X IR Remote

Owner's Manual: C-Wave_H25_Owners_Manual.pdf

Product packaging:

  Dimensions (inches): Length: 12 Width: 9 Height: 4; Weight (pounds): 2.85

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