Aquabotix HydroView Sport

Manufacturer: Aquabotix
Manufacturer Part Number: 01-01-01-00001
Product UPC: 789270201576
List Price: $5500.00

Price: $5395.00
No longer available


HydroView Sport

HydroView is a remote operated underwater vehicle with a high definition video camera and LED lights that employs motion control technology. See the underwater world through live video, capture still shots, upload recorded images to social media sites, and navigate through the water using your iPad or laptop.

HydroView is a fun, safe way to view fish, scope out dive locations, look for underwater relics or find possessions that fell off a dock or a boat. The HydroView is also a must-have tool for boaters to inspect the bottom of the boat, check on anchor setting or mooring, and evaluate underwater environments that may damage your watercraft. What will you view?

  • Memory Card - 8 GB
  • HD Video Recording - 25 minutes HD 720p, Recording
  • Cable Length - 75' (23 meters)

Owner's Manual: Aquabotix_01-01-01-00001_Owners_Manual.pdf
Quick Guide: Aquabotix_01-01-01-00001_Quick_Guide.pdf

Product packaging:


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