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Spot Satellite Personal Tracker And Messenger [SPOT-SM]

Spot Satellite Personal Tracker And Messenger [SPOT-SM] - Click for larger viewAvailability: In stock: 92   (Updated 2011-08-10)

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Part #: SPOT-SM

With the SPOT Satellite Messenger, you and your loved ones have peace of mind knowing help is always within reach. SPOT is the only device of its kind, using the GPS satellite network to acquire its coordinates, and then sending its location with a link to Google Maps™ and a pre-programmed message via a commercial satellite network. And unlike Personal Locator Beacons, SPOT does more than just call for help. Tracking your progress, checking in with loved ones, and non-emergency assistance are also available, all at the push of a button. And because it uses 100% satellite technology, SPOT works around the world even where cell phones don't.


SPOT works around the world, including virtually all of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia, portions of South America, Northern Africa and North Eastern Asia, and hundreds or thousands of miles off-shore of these areas.


  • ALERT 9-1-1 - Dispatch emergency responders to your exact location
  • CHECK IN - Let contacts know where you are and that you're okay
  • TRACK PROGRESS - Send and save your location and allow contacts to track your progress using your password and Google Maps™.
  • ASK FOR HELP - Request help from friends and family at your exact location.

ALERT 9-1-1:

Use this function In the event of a life threatening or other critical emergency to notify emergency services of your exact location and that you need assistance. The GEOS International Emergency Response Center alerts the appropriate agencies worldwide for example contacting 9-1-1 responders in North America and 1-1-2 responders in Europe.


Once activated, SPOT will acquire its exact coordinates from the GPS network, and send that location along with a distress message to a GEOS International Emergency Response Center every five minutes until cancelled. The Emergency Response Center notifies the appropriate emergency responders based on your location and personal information which may include local police, highway patrol, the Coast Guard, our country's embassy or consulate, or other emergency response or search and rescue teams as well as notifying your emergency contact person(s) about the receipt of a distress signal.


Unlimited Alert 9-1-1 usage is included as part of the low-cost SPOT service plan.

Even if SPOT cannot acquire its location from the GPS network it will still attempt to send a distress signal without exact location to the Emergency Response Center, which will still notify your contacts of the signal and continue to monitor the network for further messages.

SPOT is designed for maximum reliability. Spot performs a self-diagnostic test each time it is powered on. Additionally, Spot strongly recommends that you send and verify an OK/Check message each time before use. This allows you to evaluate your entire messaging system, from the operational condition of the messenger to the readiness of those you've chosen to notify of your messages.
Spot Satellite Personal Tracker part number: SPOT-SM

Skipper Dan Stock Number: 32400
Availability: In stock: 92   (Updated 2011-08-10)

List price: $ 99.95
Your price: Only $ 149.95   Add to Cart

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